Fridley United Methodist Church
Monday, May 30, 2016

Imagine No Malaria                       

 The people of The United Methodist Church, a world of people unified in the fight against a needless killer. 

It's time we all join hands with Africa, on a personal mission to heal.  Imagine "No Malaria" and then make it real.
                          Sustaining life,
                               One person at a time,
                                    One month at a time.
Pray:    God can do more than we can ever imagine. 
Know:  The people of the United Methodist Church have embraced this cause.  You can change a life. 
Act:     Get involved.   A donation of $10 saves a life.
                                   A pledge of $28 per month for 3 years will change 1,000 lives.  
This is the story of Mama Rose; she has survived malaria too many times to count.

Minnesota stretch goal!!!
     $600,000 of pledges by June 30, 2012 from all MN United Methodists
            will be matched by an additional $600,000 commitment.

You can give now at
FUMC Online Giving.  Select the Imagine No Malaria fund. 

The Plan

   It's about improving the ways people fight the disease locally. Using bed nets. Providing access to diagnostic tests and medicine. Draining standing water. Improving sanitation. Every person can take steps to prevent malaria deaths, from protective measures to swift action when malaria symptoms appear.

   It's about improving infrastructure. There are literally hundreds of churches, schools, hosptials and clinics operated by The United Methodist Church in Africa, but what good are they if medicines to treat malria aren't available? We'll make sure these facilities have the diagnostic test and treatment needed to save lives.


   It's about outreach
to those who need it most. Last year alone, we trained thousands of local people in Africa to teach their communities about avoiding malaria. In Sierra Leone, these workers went door-to-door to deliver bed nets, install them in homes and teach folks how to use and care for the nets properly.

And finally, your support helps upgrade communications networks throughout the continent. Building new radio stations and providing hand-cranked and solar-powered radios will ensure we are reaching greater numbers of people with life-saving information about malaria.
   What make us so sure? We are putting in place a system of accountability. Newly established health boards in Africa will be held responsible for stewardship of your donation and results, putting funds to work with a plan that creates malaria programs that truly serve the needs of their local communities. Once established and trained, these boards will be eligible to receive a lot more funding from our partners, such as The Global Fund to Fights AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.

Our national United Methodist goal:  $75 million.  Expansive Participation.

Every dollar counts, Sharing a gift will make possible critical malaria-fighting tools like rapid diagnostic tests, anti-malaria campaigns in schools, new research, and the infrastructue improvements - vastly increasing delivery of life-saving care.

By 2015, we can make malaria history.

Ten years ago, there was no hope for a malaria vaccine.  Now, new vaccines are being developed and tested every day.  Never before have anti-malarial scientific and operational breakthroughs coincoded so powerfully, and with so much promise.

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