We gather as a community for worship, companionship, study, and service. First and foremost is worship. We believe that God ministers to us and we minister to each other when we are together as a community of faith to sing and pray together.  We gather together not only for what God may give to us individually but also so that God will use us by our presence to support others as they come to God.

If someone wanted to describe our 9:30 a.m. Sunday worship service, they would probably say “traditional”. 

We serve Holy Communion the first Sunday of each month and the first Sunday of Advent.  Holy Communion is also served at the beginning of Lent and on Thursday of Holy Week.  All persons are invited to partake with us. 

We use projection of announcements and pictures.  We endeavor to involve as many of our senses in worship as possible.  All is done by invitation and as graciously as we can so that people feel free to try something they may not have done before in an atmosphere of support and safety.